Immigration to Australia

What is permanent residency?

Permanent residency (PR) is the right to permanently live and work in Australia. It is affixed on your passport. As soon as you are granted Permanent residency you become immediately eligible for state medical care. 

In order to qualify for the social welfare assistance, that is availing the unemployment benefits, you must have been residing in Australia for at least two years. It is noteworthy that permanent residents do not enjoy the right to vote.

Permanent residents can apply for Australian citizenship after two years; this entitles them to an Australian passport. 

Note: those temporarily residing (for 4 years or less) in the country say on student or work visas don’t get covered for state medical care or social welfare assistance. It is highly recommended that they take their own private health insurance cover. 

How soon can I migrate to Australia?

The processing time of applications varies according to different visa types. Generally visa applications for permanent residency for Australia take 7 to 10 months for application lodgement and processing. 

Is my age any factor for migrating to Australia?

Yes it surely does. The extent to which it matters would depend on your personal profile and your choice of visa being applied for.

Does my Australian PR Visa allow me to live and work in New Zealand as well?

Yes it does. Australian PR visa holders don’t need any visa or work permit to live and work in New Zealand.

In case any Australian PR visa holder intends to be out of Australia for an extended period then they must have a complete understanding of how it all works to ensure that the visa doesn’t get expired. 

Is the Police Clearance Certificate required for the primary applicant only?

The Police Clearance Certificate is required for all the applicants from their last country of residence. 

Immigration to Canada

How do I know if I qualify for the Canadian Immigration Visa?

Qualified skilled workers, provincial nominees and business people (under Canadian economic immigration section) may qualify for the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa.

Current Canadian citizens and PR may sponsor their close family members to become a PR under the Family class. 

While applying for my Canadian Immigration Visa, who all should be included in the visa application?

The primary applicant can include their spouse, conjugal or common law partner and dependent children in the application. 

What exactly is the Provincial Nomination Program?

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) came up with the Provincial Nomination Program. This allows various provinces and territories in Canada to choose applicants indicating preference to settle in a certain province or territory and contribute in the economic development there. 

What does the Canadian Immigration Visa entail?

The Canadian Immigration Visa is like permanent residency. It allows the migrants from foreign countries to live and work in Canada.

This visa is granted to those who match the criterion set by the Canadian government. It is noteworthy that it can be revoked if the person gets involved in any criminal/ illegal act. 

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